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Future entries will include topics such as:

  • Camping

  • Illumination

  • First aid kits

  • Gardening & related recipes for: tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, squash, lemons

  • Preserving food

  • Water storage

  • Food storage

  • Fishing

  • Physical fitness: fencing, archery, ax throwing, horseback riding

  • And on and on…

Prepper dogs to the rescue!

My thoughts on: why Rotties are the best prepper dogs, the joys and benefits of side gigs, the importance of saying ‘NO!’, and our first attempt at a winter garden in San Diego. Lots gets done this past week!

Recipe: Prepper dogs! Oh, the joys and challenges of having pets! Having a living and breathing home security system is a big responsibility, and one that we didn’t take lightly. FYI - this post has a ton of adorable photos of Rottweiler puppies.

Do you even yoga, bro?

From an intense and emotional tabletop disaster drill, to contemplating my future beyond fellowship, it’s been a heavy week. And with disasters on the rise at home and abroad, there’s been a trend of people reaching out to me and saying, “Hey, so… you’re into this preparedness stuff… what I should keep at home, you know, just in case…?”

Recipe: Physical Fitness. Want to improve your core strength, balance, flexibility, and your ability to remain calm in the midst of any disaster? Try doing some yoga! Not interested, you say? Then consider trying one of these variants: aerial yoga, acroyoga, stand up paddleboard yoga, or goat yoga. Yes, I said goat yoga.

Fires & blackouts

Fire season is in full swing here in California. On top of that, the power companies have scheduled blackouts throughout California this week, thanks to the Santa Ana winds and associated fire risks.

Recipe: Blackout prep. Power outages are the most common disaster in American. I’ll share my “blackout box” preps.

Recipe: First Aid. Given the heat wave and fires breaking out all over California, I’ll share some info on heat-related illnesses. In addition to tips for preventing hyperthermia, you can learn the symptoms and some basic field treatments for an overheated friend or family member.

A doctor and a patient walk into a bar...

The best part of being an ED physician? Definitely not the charting or the red tape. It’s the simple act of sitting, talking, and being present in the moment with the patient. It’s the doctor-patient relationship.

Recipe: Woodworking. We have stained, sealed, tiled, and decorated the bar! My husband’s creative, laser-cut plywood designs, an art form he has dubbed “Woodrigami” make their internet debut.

Check out his designed on Instagram @Woodrigami or at his Etsy shop Woodrigami.

MCI & Evacuation Drills

I head to Anaheim, CA for a conference where my presentation wins a prize. Back in San Diego, I attend a large, urban Mass Casualty Incident Training Drill. Back home, I finalize my evacuation preps as fire season in California is about to be in full swing. Again.

Recipe: Evacuation planning. I share my evacuation plans and checklists. More than that, I challenge you to try evacuation drill and see how you do.

72-hours of food

My work involved many full-day meetings, but the details must remain secret.

Recipe: 72-bag food preps. By request, the specific details (including amounts and calories) of the food in our 72-hour bags is disclosed in detail.

You have 10 minutes to evacuate...

Some things you just can’t prepare for. No disaster plan I’ve ever reviewed or written has included contingency planning for when 2 million people suddenly decide to storm a military base in the middle of the desert in the search of extraterrestrials. Welcome to "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us.”

Recipe: Creating a 72-hour bag to help get you ready in case of evacuation.

This is a bell pepper

Traveling for work, Fritalian, assessing the preps, and winning news about a writing competition.

Recipe: Peppers. From spicy jalapenos to beautiful bells, we’ll discuss growing peppers and then provide a few different recipes, including stuffed peppers, bbq peppers, and pepper jelly!

Imposter Syndrome

I belong here, right? This week is full of meetings, projects, doubt, a new bar, and 115F desert heat.

Recipe: woodworking. We’ve only done a few projects but we’re attempting our most complicated project yet: a 4’x8’ L-shaped bar with drink ledge!

First shifts

At work, looking around for an attending and then realizing, “Oh, I am the attending…” At home, we create a pirate’s hideaway up in the trees.

Recipe: physical fitness - one of the most often overlooked aspects of prepping. We don’t start off on day 1 being strong and capable of climbing mountains - we become strong with persistence and dedication.

Welcome to Fellowship

Gearing up for my first shift as an EM attending and committing myself to fighting domestic terrorism.

Recipe: corn. From planting seeds to making cornmeal for corn muffins, we’ll provide a start-to-finish overview of this versatile staple.

The Actual Prologue

Capturing my last week of my EM residency. Getting packed and ready to transition to fellowship.

Recipe: Smoky pink paloma. Moving to San Diego has inspired a love of Mezcal. Here is a twist on the classic pink paloma! (Because the zombie apocalypse is no excuse for skipping happy hour).

Recipe: Car prep. Items to keep in your car to help ensure safe travels.

Premature Prologue-ing

Two years ago was my first attempt at a second book. Spoiler alert: I didn’t get very far.

Recipe: Keeping a journal. A long list of prompts for keeping your own journal is included at the end!

Recipe: the basics of Everyday Carry, aka: stuff you should have on your at all times.