All in Evacuation

MCI & Evacuation Drills

I head to Anaheim, CA for a conference where my presentation wins a prize. Back in San Diego, I attend a large, urban Mass Casualty Incident Training Drill. Back home, I finalize my evacuation preps as fire season in California is about to be in full swing. Again.

Recipe: Evacuation planning. I share my evacuation plans and checklists. More than that, I challenge you to try evacuation drill and see how you do.

72-hours of food

My work involved many full-day meetings, but the details must remain secret.

Recipe: 72-bag food preps. By request, the specific details (including amounts and calories) of the food in our 72-hour bags is disclosed in detail.

You have 10 minutes to evacuate...

Some things you just can’t prepare for. No disaster plan I’ve ever reviewed or written has included contingency planning for when 2 million people suddenly decide to storm a military base in the middle of the desert in the search of extraterrestrials. Welcome to "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us.”

Recipe: Creating a 72-hour bag to help get you ready in case of evacuation.