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Do you even yoga, bro?

From an intense and emotional tabletop disaster drill, to contemplating my future beyond fellowship, it’s been a heavy week. And with disasters on the rise at home and abroad, there’s been a trend of people reaching out to me and saying, “Hey, so… you’re into this preparedness stuff… what I should keep at home, you know, just in case…?”

Recipe: Physical Fitness. Want to improve your core strength, balance, flexibility, and your ability to remain calm in the midst of any disaster? Try doing some yoga! Not interested, you say? Then consider trying one of these variants: aerial yoga, acroyoga, stand up paddleboard yoga, or goat yoga. Yes, I said goat yoga.

First shifts

At work, looking around for an attending and then realizing, “Oh, I am the attending…” At home, we create a pirate’s hideaway up in the trees.

Recipe: physical fitness - one of the most often overlooked aspects of prepping. We don’t start off on day 1 being strong and capable of climbing mountains - we become strong with persistence and dedication.