All in Recipe

This is a bell pepper

Traveling for work, Fritalian, assessing the preps, and winning news about a writing competition.

Recipe: Peppers. From spicy jalapenos to beautiful bells, we’ll discuss growing peppers and then provide a few different recipes, including stuffed peppers, bbq peppers, and pepper jelly!

Welcome to Fellowship

Gearing up for my first shift as an EM attending and committing myself to fighting domestic terrorism.

Recipe: corn. From planting seeds to making cornmeal for corn muffins, we’ll provide a start-to-finish overview of this versatile staple.

The Actual Prologue

Capturing my last week of my EM residency. Getting packed and ready to transition to fellowship.

Recipe: Smoky pink paloma. Moving to San Diego has inspired a love of Mezcal. Here is a twist on the classic pink paloma! (Because the zombie apocalypse is no excuse for skipping happy hour).

Recipe: Car prep. Items to keep in your car to help ensure safe travels.