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A doctor and a patient walk into a bar...

The best part of being an ED physician? Definitely not the charting or the red tape. It’s the simple act of sitting, talking, and being present in the moment with the patient. It’s the doctor-patient relationship.

Recipe: Woodworking. We have stained, sealed, tiled, and decorated the bar! My husband’s creative, laser-cut plywood designs, an art form he has dubbed “Woodrigami” make their internet debut.

Check out his designed on Instagram @Woodrigami or at his Etsy shop Woodrigami.

Imposter Syndrome

I belong here, right? This week is full of meetings, projects, doubt, a new bar, and 115F desert heat.

Recipe: woodworking. We’ve only done a few projects but we’re attempting our most complicated project yet: a 4’x8’ L-shaped bar with drink ledge!