Recipe Disclaimer

I love cooking but a word of warning about the recipes…

Looks like dinner is gonna be something with squash, eggplant, and okra…

I am not a chef, I am not a homemaker, and this is definitely not a cooking blog.

I am, however, a prepper who likes to use whatever is growing in my garden, who likes to improvise in the kitchen, and who likes to avoid food waste whenever possible.

Most of the recipes I list are vague in the ingredients and the quantities. This is mainly because I tend to use whatever I have on hand, and I’ve made many of these recipes so many times and in so many iterations, that I rarely measure anything anymore.

For example, you can stuff and bake almost any large vegetable with any combination of meat, beans, rice, diced veggies, herbs, and cheese. If an herb looks good and I’ve got a ton in the garden, I’ll throw it in. Out of a key ingredient? No biggie - I’ll just use something else.

I cook with a prepper mindset, instead of following exact recipes. The ability to improvise in the kitchen is a useful skill in and of itself. Try it and see what creations you come up with!


Canning must be done exactly as the recipe states to minimize any chance of potentially deadly food-borne illnesses (like botulism).

Recipes should (generally) be followed for baking, pasta, bread.

PS- And I try to give credit when I can for recipes I use, if I remember where I first used them.